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Got questions about how we do things? Take a look at our frequently asked questions before reaching out to see if we’re a good fit.

Top Questions

Why aren’t your prices posted?

It’s similar to why it isn’t necessarily the best idea to post lawn care prices online. Our website does a good job being informative enough to understand what we do and how we do it, but at the end of the day, our relationship is a partnership. We want to know price isn’t going to be your only factor. Especially when considering how we affect your ROI.


Is there a contract or term agreement?

We do not do contractual obligations or term limits. Our services are on a month-to-month basis. If we aren’t delivering according to your expectations, you may fire us that month with no additional fees.

We do, however, have an agreement. The agreement simply outlines the scope of work, payments, and obligations we must fulfill upon payment.

When can I expect results?

It depends on the time of year and what you mean by “results”. If we’re getting started during the regular season, we should be seeing results within the first 1-2 months.

Our SEO will take time to rank your website at the top of Google, which is why we run Google Ads as well. These will place you on the first page for immediate results. We still recommend 2-3 months to adjust targeting and keywords.

About Our Websites

Do you set up company emails?

We do not set up, manage, or bill for any company emails. But we will help you get set up with GSuite under your name.

If you already have company emails, we will help you transfer them to GSuite if you’d like. Otherwise, we’ll make sure to reverify your domain with your existing emails to make sure there are no hiccups when changing websites.

Do I have to write the website content?

No. Part of the reason we are specific to the green industry is that we know what to write and how to write it to rank well as well as convey the right message.

Though, we will require input from you to hammer out the details. During our onboarding, you’ll fill out a document that helps us get to know you, your services, and your service areas. This helps with the structuring and writing of your content.

Do you charge to manage my website images?

If you’re on a marketing package, we do not charge to manage or host your website.

Since you hired us to bring you more quality leads, it’s in our best interest to keep your website up-to-date, secure, and performing at its best.

Will my website be unique?

The content on your website will be 100% unique. The more we have to use stock photos, the less unique the website will be.

Website layouts in our first two packages are based on template layouts, but we will write content and metadata that is 100% unique to your website and business.

Will my website be easy to edit?

Yes. We set up your WordPress website to make it easy to edit and manage. We use a visual builder that makes editing your website as easy as drag-n-drop.

What if I already have my own website?

All of our packages include a website build. If you are already on WordPress and like your current site, you can keep it, but we may recommend starting fresh. If we decide your website is adequate, the setup period doesn’t change and we comb through your website to clean up plugins, unused images, drafts, and metadata.

If you would like a new website, we will build you one with the proper redirects based on the package you opted in for and help get it and your company emails ported over.

Do I have to provide images?

Although we encourage this, it is not necessary. We have a large portfolio of stock images from all zones and seasons to fill your website space.

However, websites do perform better when professional-looking, branded photos are displayed.

Do you publish content without approval?

No. It is your website and your business. We don’t want to say or publish anything that isn’t 100% accurate and in-tune with your business.

We’ll make minor keyword adjustments for SEO purposes on our own, but major content changes, including all content during the build, must be approved by you.

Do I own my domain or does Evergrow?

You do. Evergrow Marketing does not take control over domains nor do we purchase them. Your domain is yours and you should not have anyone purchase your domain on your behalf.

Instead, we will make recommendations on where to purchase your domain, as well as what domain name, would be a good fit for you.

For more information on purchasing a domain, check out our guide: “10 Tips on Choosing and Buying Your Domain Name“.

About Our Marketing

Do I have to opt into a package?

The short answer is “Yes”. The reason we exist is to bring your more quality leads. Our ability to do so is limited if we can’t implement our full strategies. We have designed these packages to dominate your local digital market. It would be like if your customer asked for a fertilization program but only wanted to pay for 3 of the 6 applications.

How will I know your marketing is working?

Everything we do is 100% trackable. We track form fills, calls, and emails from organic means, Google and Bing Ads, and Facebook.

We can also filter which conversions came from which source to determine an ROI for each medium.

How do I know what's being reported is accurate?

You will have access to all the dashboards we use for reporting which pulls directly from Google and/or Bing Analytics, Google and/or Bing Ads, as well as Facebook.

If you want to verify what we are reporting on, you’re more than welcome to.

Does having a template website affect my SEO?

It does if the content is also duplicated. Although, you don’t get “penalized”, websites with original content tend to rank higher.

The content we provide you is 100% custom and goes through our SEO plagiarism check.

Having a website that looks similar to someone else’s in a different state won’t affect your SEO nor will your market see a similar website.

What if I just want a website built?

No problem. We will build a website for you for only the setup cost of the package you choose. From there, it would only be a small, monthly hosting cost.

Would you work with my comptetition?

No. We are a strict non-compete company for two reasons:

1) It isn’t ethical, it’s shady, and we’re not HomeAdvisor. Doing this would mean we’re not looking out for the best interest of our clients.

2) If we worked with competitors, we would be battling for digital space and potentially even driving our own ad costs up. It would be like playing chess with ourselves.

How will I know you're doing SEO on my site?

We notate every SEO change or update we make. Sometimes it might be a specific keyword change or directory listing, sometimes we focus on bigger picture things like site speed and other technical SEO.

Either way, you’ll know changes and updates are being made.

Do you buy / sell backlinks?

Buying and selling backlinks is considered gray hat SEO and is seen as unethical or frowned upon.

We do not participate in black hat or gray hat SEO. Therefore, any backlinks we receive for you are 100% legitimate.

Pausing and Cancellations

Can I pause my marketing in the winter?

We don’t recommend this, especially if you offer winter services. Just because maintenance services have slowed down or stopped doesn’t mean people are done looking for spring providers. This includes commercial and HOA accounts looking to change their provider in the new year.

With that being said, you may pause your marketing efforts in the slow months and start back up right before spring.

Can I keep my website if I go elsewhere?

Yes. We build your website using WordPress. After the website build, your website is your property.

What happens if I cancel?

You will be responsible for your own website and marketing. However, you will still have ownership and access to your assets such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, and any other asset we helped claim and set up for you.

After you cancel a package, you’ll only be required to pay the cost of hosting after the cancellation month.

At the end of the setup period, you will receive a “logins and access” document detailing all assets that are claimed and verified with your logins for your reference.

How can I cancel if I wanted to?

You can call us or email us. Either way, we will ask you to send an email as we’ll use that as your official cancellation date. If the cancellation request occurs during the month, we’ll continue services through that month. Afterward, only monthly hosting will be billed out.


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Simplifying Our Agreements

Simplifying Our Agreements

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