Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you recall the last Google search you made, you may have noticed 3 listings at the top of the search results notated as “ads”. Well those didn’t just get there by accident.

A business pays for their ads to be listed at the top of Google usually in a pay-per-click model. Meaning that every time a potential customer clicks on that ad and is directed to your site, you’re charged ‘X’ amount of cents or dollars.

If you’re looking for quick results and have established a solid SEO foundation on your site then this is a method for you. PPC with Google and Bing ads guarantees you’ll get website traffic form the first page of search engine results pages.

With SEM, pay-to-play in the online ad auction. Set your bids on targeted keywords and see your ads perform for the top spot on Google searches.

Fortunately, the bidder with the deepest wallet does not always come out on top. Google and other search engines also take into account:

Quality of the landing page behind the ad

How relevant the search terms are to the ad

Geographical location of the business

Expected click-through-rate

Search Advertising


Search ads are largely based on a pay-per-click method, meaning you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Depending on the volume and competition, keywords in the green industry can range from under $1 up to $5.

Target Keywords

With search advertising, we can target keywords that your customers are already looking for. By bidding on high-volume keywords, we help you show up at the top of Google when someone searches for services you already offer.


With geotargeted search ads, we can control where your ads are displayed, so you can no for sure that any lead that comes from a search ad is well within your area. Geotargeting also allows us to focus on specific areas and increase keyword bids where the highest potential is.


Just like any form of PPC advertising out there, these ads are 100% trackable, meaning we can monitor their performance and make improvements for next month or even on the fly. We can even know when someone fills out a form that specifically came form an ad.
Google PPC Advertising for Lawn Care

Display and Retargeting Advertising

Google Display Advertising PPC

Pay-Per-Click or Impression

Instead of the traditional pay-per-click method, with Display ads we can create an effective branding campaign that charges per the 1,000 impressions. Although you’ll typically get a lot less clicks, we’ll be targeting people much higher in the purchasing funnel who may not be ready to buy yet, but will be.

Target Interest Categories

Display advertising allows us to target interest categories on Google. If you know your target customer and know they are sports enthusiasts, we can target that interest category and deliver that demographic ads within a specific area on websites they frequently visit.

Stand Out

Display and Retargeting ads enable us to stand out. We’ll design your banner ads for you to be engaging and beautiful that will pop out of the screen both creatively and professionally.


Utilizing the Display Network, we can run the same format type of ads, but instead target people who have previously visited your site. If they visited your site, but didn’t fill out a form, then retargeting allows us to deliver ads to that person on other websites they visit that are apart of the Google Display Network.

How We Can Help

Account Setup

Account setup seems to simple for what we complete in this process. This includes properly setting goal and call tracking, creating campaigns, ad groups, keyword and negative keyword lists in Google and Bing’s ad interfaces, advanced targeting, bid setting, and even design and artwork for display and retargeting banners.

Keyword Optimization

Part of the secret sauce to successful Google and Bing Ads campaign is continually optimizing your keywords. The fact is, search trends change and each day you can learn something new about your demographics. Certain keywords may need to have increased bids, added to the negative keyword list, or included in their own ad group.

Campaign Monitoring

Running an ad campaign is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” mentality. It takes constant monitoring for opportunities on new keywords, negative keywords, bid adjustments, and ad delivery changes. We’ll monitor all of this constantly to make sure your ad campaign is delivering the best results possible.

Split Testing

The best way to optimize ads is to split test them, also known as A/B testing. We’ll run the control ad and split test it with another version to see which performs better. Sometimes the same ad with different copy can perform completely different. Finding the right formula for the highest ROI is what we’re all about.

Landing Pages

An effective ad campaign has an effective landing page. One that is straight to the point that will not only rank well in search results, but one that will get users to “convert” (fill out a form or call). We’ll build these landing pages for you for each of your campaigns to maximize leads and your PPC ROI.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we’ll provide you with a comprehensive digital report. But we don’t just give you the numbers and send you on your way. We’ll talk you through what each of those metrics mean and how they may influence PPC decisions next month. You’ll also have 100%, full access to our reporting tools 24/7 so you can take comfort in knowing that our reports are accurate an honest.

Want to start showing at the top of Google?