Social Media Management

Social shares and engagement with your brand and content gives your business a face behind the logo. But the practices of engaging on social channels go beyond just qualitative and superficial results.

Social media is the biggest thing in the new millennium. With over 3 billion people active on various platforms and 2 billion alone on Facebook, it’s easy to see that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, social media has seen an average growth of 17% each year for the past 10 years.

If you’re anything like most business owners, you probably already know you need to be on it. The problem is you may not know where to start, what to post, how to post, or even how to engage with your customers.

There are 4 basic purposes for social media:

Know your platforms

Every social media platform is different with different audiences. One post on one may not work on another.


Almost all social media platforms have an advertising feature that features something similar to pay-per-click. Which makes social media prime location to be for your customers higher in the purchasing funnel.

Increase engagement

Social media is the place where you can meet new prospects and engage with your customer base before and after they become your customer. The more engagement, the higher your chances are of selling.

Establish brand presence

Half of the world has some sort of social media presence. Social media is where people spend hours of their day, meaning this is just one of the places your brand needs to be present.
Social Media Management

Know Your Platforms

The first step in an effective social media strategy is knowing your audience and what social media platforms they’re using. Your customers may not be on all of them and the way you communicate on each one will be different, which makes it important to know how to use each of them.


Facebook is the largest network. Use Facebook to build meaningful relationships and inform your customers. Posts on Facebook are typically informal, yet respectful.


Twitter is the number one network for customers to reach out to businesses, which tends to make it more of a PR platform. There really isn’t a limit to how much you can post on Twitter, but this is where you want your personality to shine.


This is where over 50% of B2B buyers are going to be doing their research. Don’t miss out on those commercial accounts because you’re not on LinkedIn! Posts here are more professional.


Your long-form video platform. This is the network to find the DIYers and show them your business is the authority in your industry. DIYers trust and refer the experts. Help them find you through YouTube.


A glorified photo gallery of your best company photos, whether they be of your recent work, employee spotlights, or even quotes and phrases accompanied with a stylish image. Gain exposure by sharing your best photos here.


The number one network for home and landscape design ideas. Use Pinterest to showcase your landscaping design capabilities and target users already interested in a project. 87% Of all Pinners have purchased a product/service because of Pinterest.


Advertising on social media is one of the best places to do it due to the advanced targeting features. Since people create profiles with their interests, ‘like’ things that can be categorized, and create their profile with additional demographics about themselves, it’s easy to create a highly targeted advertising strategy that only shows to people within a certain demographic, interested in certain things, and who are more likely to engage with your brand without them even knowing about your business or your service. This is often referred to as ‘hypertargeting’.

Advanced audience targeting

Because of the amount of demographics and interests data on social media accounts, the targeting system for paid advertising is unmatched. Create highly targeted ads and only serve to people most likely to engage.


Choose between delivery or engagement based ad campaigns. Pay to have your ads served thousands of times for a branding initiative or pay only when people engage with your brand. All while staying in your specified daily budget.


With advanced social media analytics dashboards, we can determine what posts do better than others, what ad copies work better, what the best times of days to post are, and track trends in follower and engagement growth.
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Increase Engagement

Social media is basically a series of trade show associations your business frequents. You have your booth (page) and advertise your service as well as make your brand stand out. It’s in your best interest to engage with the most amount of people at that trade show as possible. You might plan to have a booth on the main aisle, do giveaways, or have flashy signs. Optimizing your social media presence for engagement is just that; figuring out which posts work best, when to post, and who to engage with for exposure.

Response monitoring

A good social media strategy doesn’t stop at posting. Engagement is a two way street and you’ll soon see users commenting on your posts. We’ll help you monitor this and respond for you so you can focus on your lawns.

Proven engagement posts

We’ll optimize your social media engagement with proven posts that are sure to get your community engaging with your brand whether they be comments, likes, shares, or follows.

Audience outreach

Certain platforms demand audience outreach like Instagram and Twitter. We’ll take the initiative for your brand by liking, following, sharing, and retweeting with your potential customers to grow your brand presence.

How We Can Help

Build your content calendar

We’ll help build your content calendar for you so you know what’s being posted and when so your social media profiles stay actively engaged with your audience.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is the most valuable tool you’ll want to leverage with social media. We’ll create your highly targeted ad campaigns with engaging content to help you gain the most qualified leads.

Create engaging content

We don’t just create the copy, we’ll also take care of the images for your posts as well to make sure you get the most interaction out of each share.

Profile optimization

A social media profile page is similar to your own website page, so a professional image and great content is important. We know the tricks of the trade to help your profiles stand out!

Response monitoring

Increased engagement from our proven posts are going to generate responses. We’ll be there for you brand to make sure your customers here from your business so you can focus on your work.

Review management

Reviews can make or break your brand and responding to each one of them, whether positive or negative, is just as important. We monitor and manage your social reviews so you don’t have to.

Need help with your social media management?