Our Digital Strategy

Your business is different from your competitors. So is ours.

We believe in a holistic approach to your digital marketing strategy. In fact, we believe this so strongly that even our smallest service package includes a new website (if you don’t have one already) and what we like to call The Big Three: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Social Media Marketing.

The reason we do this is because Jake and I (Cody, the guy writing this right now) have both worked at agencies where they pieced out their services — you can buy a “website” package, or an “SEO” package, or the “Google Ads” package.

Don’t get us wrong — there are advantages to this. If you purchase an individual service or have a guy who specializes in SEO or Facebook, you can assume (or at least hope) they’re pretty good at it.

But in our experience, the same problems kept happening:


Business owners didn’t want to deal with so many separate invoices.


If business owners purchased all of the services separately but from the same agency, it would cost an arm and a leg.


We never knew what the business’s “website guy” or “social media girl” were doing (and a not-surprising amount of time, neither did they!)

We built our service offerings with the specific purpose to eliminate these headaches. These were — and still are — our goals:


Make online marketing easy for landscaping and lawn care businesses by providing a comprehensive digital solution (i.e. website, SEO, PPC, SMM). One invoice. Everything you need.


Use a business model that rewards clients (that’s you!) for increasing their services with us. Spend more, get more – but not just a little more. Significantly more.


Provide an integrated digital marketing strategy – one where everyone involved is on the same page.

Sound good to you? Cool. Here’s a breakdown of our approach to each tactic.


We build websites on WordPress. They look nice, load quickly so potential customers won’t get frustrated and leave you for your competitors, and they function well on mobile. They’re also easy to manage and update, so if you want to make any changes you can even do it yourself (but if you’re afraid of breaking things, please, ask us to do it for you).


Fast, response, and mobile optimized


Tailored to your business with custom content all written by us with your help and approval


East to edit


Advanced analytics and conversion tracking

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing your organic traffic from search engines is a constantly evolving practice, and we stay up late staying up to date. Our clients aren’t in it for short-term wins (which in the SEO game leads to long-term losses). If you expect to rank #1 on Google overnight, we’re not your guys.

Our SEO tactics focus on reliable, sustainable, and lasting growth — even if that means waiting a few months for results. Plain and simple, these practices work in the long run:


Individual web pages for each of your business’ services


Blogging / content marketing


Local citation building (NAP consistency / quality control)


Link building through unlinked brand mentions

Pay Per Click

Let’s be honest: It’s really easy to blow a ton of cash on Google Ads with nothing to show for it. You have to spend money to learn what works, and that includes spending money to learn what doesn’t work. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which keywords are good and which ones are bad, before spending a ton of money on them?

We can do that. Our access to multiple advertising accounts bidding on similar keywords lets us see what works and what doesn’t. We know:


What keywords generate the most leads


How performance differs on phones and computers


Which days of the week perform best


And a lot more…

Social Media Marketing

If your business isn’t visible on Facebook, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s the truth — which is why we consider the optimization of your business’s Facebook page just as important as Google My Business. It doesn’t stop there though, we run ads on Facebook too (and they’re a hell of a lot cheaper than Google).

Our ideal clients are already familiar with Facebook at least as normal users. We can manage your entire social media presence, but we prefer not to. Things like responding to comments and messages are best done by you. It’s better if we focus on getting leads so you can focus on fielding the inquiries.

Marketing Plans

We offer three different marketing plans. Each is catered to a different business size and budget. This table compares their similarities and differences, but if you want to know the nitty-gritty, you can read through the details under the pricing table.

WordPress website with 5 core pages:

All websites come with a minimum of five pages.

1. Home
2. About
3. Services (an overview of the services your business offers)
4. Service areas (tell potential customers where your business operates)
5. Contact

Up to “x” additional service pages:

In addition to your services overview page, it’s a good idea to make dedicated webpages for each service your business offers (for example: a page for lawn maintenance, another for leaf removal, sod installation, etc). Each marketing plan includes up to 4, 8, or 12 of these service-specific pages depending on which plan you choose.

Google Analytics setup:

Google Analytics allows us to track how many people visited your website, when they visited, which pages they viewed, and a whole lot more. We’ll set this up for you. If or when our partnership ends, you’re free to take it with you.

Blog for content marketing and company updates:

The Rainmaker and Market Monopoly plans include a company blog. This can be used to write articles that attract customers via SEO, promote content on social media, share company news and updates, or whatever else you want to blog about.

Portfolio page to showcase projects (before and afters):

A page on your website dedicated to showcasing your amazing work. This is your chance to brag — who have you worked with? Got any awesome before and after photos? How about time-lapse videos of a job?

Black hat / gray hat SEO cleanup:

Many SEO tactics that were acceptable a few years ago aren’t anymore today. Your competitors can also point harmful backlinks to your website that tank your rankings. If we see anything shady, we’ll clean it up.

Page title & meta description optimization:

Page titles and meta descriptions are the blue headlines and gray descriptions you see in search results. This is SEO 101. We’ll perform keyword research to find your winning keywords and optimize accordingly. The result is more visitors from search engines like Google.

Internal link structure:

Links are important — both the links pointing to your website from other sites on the internet, and links on your website directing visitors to other pages on your website. Our websites are built with internal links that are ideal for users and optimal for search engines.

Google Search Console setup:

Google Search Console allows website owners to track and manage their relationship with Google’s index, provides insight into how you’re performing in search results, and more. We’ll set this up for you too. Like Google Analytics, you’re free to take it with you.

Sitemap submitted for indexing:

The sitemap lists all of the pages on your website that we want to be found in Google. There’s no guarantee that submitting the sitemap will put all of your website’s pages in Google’s index, but it improves your chances, and it speeds up the process.

Google My Business / Bing Places claiming & optimization:

Google My Business and Bing Places control how your business (not just your website!) appears in search results. They are extremely important. If you haven’t already, we’ll help you with the process of claiming your business. Once claimed, we’ll optimize them to appear more often in search results.

Ongoing local citation building (Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, etc):

Google and Bing aren’t the only places people search for your business. Some use Yelp. Others use Yellow Pages. Google pays attention to whether or not your business is listed on these websites. If you’re not, or if your business details are incorrect, it can hurt your ability to rank in Google.

Monthly keyword research & optimization:

We perform keyword research every month and make minor updates to your website as necessary. For significant changes, we’ll get your approval first.

Brand listening & external link building:

People talk about your business online. Sometimes newspapers, bloggers, and nonprofits will mention your business but forget to link to your website. When this happens, we’ll reach out to the author and asked if they will link your business name back to your website. This is a safe way to earn links.

Schema markup:

Schema is a type of markup that can make your website more appealing in search results.

Monthly blog posts:

Schema is a type of markup that can make your website more appealing in search results.

Google Ads account setup:

All plans include text ads on Google Ads. These are those ads that show up above the normal search results.

“$XXX” advertising spend:

The Green Startup includes $100 of advertising spend on Google Ads. For the Rainmaker we bump that number up to $500 and allocate it across Google, Facebook, and Bing based on whichever performs best. For the Market Monopoly, tell us your budget and we’ll make a custom plan.

Google Tag Manager setup:

Google Tag Manager puts all of your tracking codes in one place. It makes conversion tracking easy for us as well as any other partners you may be working with.

Location extensions:

Location extensions are a type of ad extension that connect Google My Business to Google Ads. This shows your local business details along with your text ads, and it makes you eligible to show ads on Google Maps.

Call extensions:

Call extensions are another type of ad extension that show your phone number on desktop and a click-to-call option on mobile.

Sitelink extensions:

Sitelink extensions provide additional links beyond just the headline of your text ad. For example, if someone searched for “landscaping company” and you have a sitelink extension that says “Contact Us”, it could take them straight to your contact page instead of your main landing page.

Callout extensions:

Callout extensions are similar to sitelink extensions except they aren’t links. Since they can’t be clicked the message is more promotional, like “15 Years of Experience” and “Online Bill Pay Available”.

Continuous campaign optimization:

“Set it and forget it” isn’t something we do. We’re always crunching numbers and testing things, trying to stretch your dollar as far as Google (or Facebook, or Bing) will let us. With that said, we don’t over-optimize either. Collecting data takes time, and sometimes the best thing we can do is wait.

Bing Ads account setup:

Don’t hate on Bing. Bing Ads regularly delivers a lower cost per lead than Google. Bing users also tend to be older and have more money. Just like Google Ads, we’ll run search ads on Bing, but only for the Rainmaker and above.

Remarketing lists for search ads:

You know remarketing — it’s when you visit a website and leave, then ads for that website follow you around everywhere else you go on the internet. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is kind of like that, but with text ads in search results instead of banners. If someone visits your website but doesn’t convert, leaves, then searches for you again, we can bid a little higher on them. They’re more likely to convert if they’re coming back, so it’s worth paying a little more for their click.

Promotion extensions:

Promo extensions are another type of ad extension specifically for running promotions. They’re not always applicable, but they can perform well when you want to run a specific type of promotion (for example: 10% off annual contracts when signed over winter).


Facebook business page claiming & optimization:

Facebook is a social network, but people also use it as a local search engine. Similar to Google My Business and Bing Places, it’s important to claim your business and make sure you’re showing up when people search for your services. We’ll help you claim then optimize your business page.

Facebook Messenger autoresponder setup:

An automated reply for people who message your business on Facebook.

Professionally designed profile picture and cover photo:

People will judge your business based on the professionalism of your business’s Facebook page. Please don’t crop a crappy photo in Microsoft Paint. Let us handle it.

Facebook remarketing ads:

When people visit your website but don’t submit a lead, we’ll follow them over to Facebook and remind them (via ads) to come back.

Targeted Facebook Ads campaigns:

Facebook has some of the best targeting available to advertisers. Tell us who and where your ideal customers are and we’ll get ads in front of them.

Monthly reports:

Monthly reports to track the success of our digital marketing efforts.

Custom reporting dashboard:

Like the monthly reports, but on steroids. This is a reporting dashboard that you can check whenever you want (not just monthly), with more granular details and personalized for the metrics that matter most to your specific business.

Next Steps

If you like what you see and think we might be a good fit, go ahead and send us an email. From there our process is pretty straightforward:

  1. We talk. You see if you like us. We see if we like you. If it’s a green light from both sides we’ll get to work.
  2. Onboarding. This involves getting everything we need from you in order to successfully market your business. It’s basic stuff — business details, image (e.g. your logo), etc.
  3. Buildout & launch. We set up tracking, build your campaigns, and make sure everything is good to go.

We hope to hear from you soon!