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We Do Digital Marketing

Want your business to rank higher in search results on Google? We do that. Want to run ads for your business that appear above those search results? We do that too. We even run those creepy ads that follow you around the internet and on Facebook, like when Amazon reminds you of all the stuff you’ve looked at but haven’t bought yet. Here’s a little more on what we do.


Search Engine Optimization. Organic traffic. The “free” stuff. The bread and butter. It takes time to rise and outrank your competition, but it’s worth it.


Pay Per Click. Paid search. Those ads at the top of Google that look like a normal search result, but they’re not.


Social Media Marketing. Your future clients are on Facebook and Instagram (and more). If you’re not advertising there, you’re missing out.

Meet the Team

When it comes to business, we like to know who we’re working with and assume you do too. Here’s a short bit about us, and you can learn even more here.

Jake Hundley

Jake is the founder of Evergrow Marketing. He discovered his passion for marketing in 2015 while working for a large digital marketing agency as the account executive and sales manager for the agriculture division, providing traditional and digital marketing campaigns to primarily John Deere implements. His devotion and passion in marketing led him to the position of marketing director for an industrial scale company, creating Evergrow Marketing, and being the #1 guest blogger on Marketing Solved.

You can connect with Jake on LinkedIn and find him on Medium.

Cody See

Cody calls himself the “Co-Bro of EverGrow”, although director of operations is probably a better fit. His digital marketing career over the last five years includes a little bit of everything — from earning passive income through ranking his own websites on Google to managing millions in advertising spend. Despite his familiarity with big advertising budgets, one of Cody’s favorite marketing tactics is local lead generation for small to mid-sized businesses.

You can learn more about Cody on his personal website.

Still Want to Know More?

There’s only so much stuff we can squeeze onto this homepage. Take a look around, check out the blog, and send us a message if you have questions or you’re ready to talk turkey.