Our Programs

Our approach to digital marketing services is a little different from most marketing agencies. Here’s what we mean.

Our Websites

We never wanted to become a web design company, but having a good website is necessary for effective marketing. After trying to advertise too many poorly designed websites with weak results, we developed our own custom website themes based on the needs of our clients.

At a minimum, every website we build has the five pages necessary to set you up for success. Additionally, our add-on pages can showcase your work, cut down on low-quality inquiries, promote niche services, help grow your brand, and more.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Website Example

All of Our Websites Include…


Home page

Every website needs a home page.


Services page

Provide an overview of the services your business offers.


Where we work

Let prospects know if they’re in your service area.


About us

Convey what makes your business and story unique.

Contact us

Share your contact information, including a contact form.

Optional Add-On Pages:



Show off what your business is capable of with a portfolio.

Specialty services

Promote a specific service with its own page.

Frequently asked questions

Stop wasting time answering the same questions.


Share business updates and capture more SEO traffic.

And more

Got something else in mind? Let us know!
Landscaping Digital Marketing Google Example

Our Marketing

When it comes to offering digital marketing services, we “productize” our services. Unlike other marketing agencies that do anything and everything (regardless of whether or not it actually works), we design, test, and build marketing programs for different budgets and goals.

We call our core marketing program The Foundation. Once you opt in to The Foundation, you can pick additional marketing modules based on where you want to prioritize your marketing dollars. Learn a little more about each of them below.

The Foundation

The first marketing service we ever offered was called The Green Startup. It was meant to be an entry-level solution for people just starting out in the landscaping and lawn care industry and focused on two fundamental tactics: SEO and PPC.

It worked so well that we started recommending it to everyone. Getting poor results with your current marketing agency? Give our Green Startup a shot. Never done digital before? Start with The Green Startup.

We call The Green Startup something else now: The Foundation. To keep it short, it makes sure your business is doing the right things to show up on Google.


Monthly SEO


Google Business Profile optimization


Google Ads management


$250 / month in advertising spend


Monthly performance reports

Add-On Marketing Services

Build on The Foundation with our additional marketing modules.

Facebook Ads

Have you tried boosting a post but nothing came from it? Facebook makes their ads look easy, but there’s a steep learning curve. We can help! Let us manage and optimize your Facebook Ads — you just worry about responding to inquiries.

Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are special Google ads that help your business get — you guessed it — discovered! They show up in Gmail, on YouTube, and on the Google Discover feed (the equivalent of your Facebook news feed, but for people with Android phones).

Google Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads

Dominate search engine traffic with yet another ad format: Local Services Ads (or as we refer to them, “LSAs”). LSAs allow you to advertise on a cost-per-lead basis, so you only pay for legitimate inquiries, not clicks or impressions.

Spotify Ads

Spotify Ads

Get in front of new customers while they’re commuting to work, hitting the gym, or cooking at home with Spotify Ads. Unlike traditional radio, Spotify tracks performance like other digital marketing tactics, so you can tell how well it’s working.


Build your brand and position your business as an authority in the industry with blogging. Blogs provide a versatile way to grow your business — you can use them to connect with existing customers, attract new ones, and boost your SEO performance.

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